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Did you know that 19% of Americans have added solar panels to their homes? This is a growing trend you certainly don’t want to miss out on. Going solar is one of the best ways to contribute to the battle against climate change as well as save on your energy bills. Solar tax credits and rebates are some of the awesome incentives for you to tap into.

If you thought that rooftop solar panels were your only option, this is most definitely not the case. Keep reading to explore the key advantages of ground-mounted solar panels.

What Are Ground-Mounted Solar Panels?

This type of solar panel functions in much the same way as rooftop solar panels, with the only difference being their location. As the name suggests, ground-mounted solar panels are installed in your yard. The types of ground-mounted solar panels differ depending on the mode of installation.

How Does a Pole-Mounted Solar Differ from a Standard Ground-Mounted Solar?

While pole-mounted solar panels rely on metal or aluminum poles planted in the ground using a concrete foundation, ground-mounted solar panels are located on a metal frame, much like rooftop ones. The metal frame can also be tilted to take advantage of the sunlight.

Pole-mounted solar panels can be either top-of-the-pole or side-of-the-pole mounts, whereas ground-mounted solar panels have more flexibility when it comes to capturing sunlight. They can tilt in various directions to capture sunlight in response to the sun’s changing trajectory.

Side-of-the-pole panels are a great option for smaller solar systems, as they typically support around 2-3 panels.

What Are the Advantages of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels?

Ample Space Availability

Unlike roof installations, ground-mounted solar panels offer abundant space for optimal positioning. This ensures panels can face true south, maximizing sunlight exposure throughout the day.

Flexibility for Limited Roof Space

If your roof has limited southern space, ground installations provide a viable alternative. This flexibility enables solar panel placement without constraints, ensuring efficient energy generation.

Ease of Expansion

Ground-mounted systems facilitate easy expansion. As your energy needs grow, adding more panels is hassle-free. Unlike roofs with space limitations, the ground offers virtually limitless expansion potential.

Convenient Access for Maintenance

Ground-mounted panels are easily accessible, simplifying maintenance and repairs. In case of issues, technicians can quickly resolve problems, ensuring uninterrupted energy production.

Ideal for Home Upgrades

Imagine upgrading your home or purchasing an electric vehicle. With ground-mounted panels, you can adapt your solar setup to meet increased energy demands without worrying about roof constraints. The scalability makes it an ideal choice for future upgrades.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Ground-mounted solar panels can be optimized for the best tilt and orientation, enhancing energy efficiency. This customization ensures panels capture maximum sunlight, leading to higher energy yields and increased cost savings over time.

Imagine this: You started out with one or two solar panels in your backyard, but you’ve recently renovated your home or purchased an electric vehicle, and you now need more solar panels. You may have limited space on your roof, but when it comes to the ground, the capacity for expansion is boundless. Opting for ground-mounted solar panels is a wise choice if you consider adding even more panels in the future.

At North Valley Power, we want to empower every American homeowner with access to the environmentally-friendly energy of sunlight. Our experts are ready to help you choose a ground-mounted solar panel that fits your home’s needs. We will also install it to the top-notch standards. Contact us today to explore our groundbreaking solar solutions.