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At North Valley Power, we offer end-to-end solar energy solutions that enable people to generate clean energy quickly and easily.

Our Services

Solar Rooftop Solutions

With the rising cost and need for power, the time has never been better to get solar today. Invest in our solar rooftop solutions and get an uninterrupted power supply.

Battery Solutions

Do you live in an area that experiences blackouts? Don’t worry. With our safe and reliable solar battery solutions, you can store the excess energy for later use and eliminate service interruptions.

Ground Mount Solar Solutions.

Want to go solar, but your limited roof space restricts you? We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our ground-mounted solar panels, which offer the same benefits as solar rooftop panels, can be easily installed in your yard.

Main Panel Upgrade

Need help with an out-of-date electrical panel? No problem! Our in-house electrical team will replace your electrical service to accommodate your energy needs.